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Fair + Ethical Trade

I make clothes in India because I love India! I love traveling there, sourcing amazing fabrics, and creating beautiful things with my Indian friends.

I have been working with the same families and individual craftspeople in India for more than a decade. Our businesses have grown together, based on a foundation mutual respect, trust and friendship. We work together on all levels, developing new product lines, and constantly improving on quality. My tailors, pattern makers, pattern cutters, finishers, and quality control people take pride in their work, and it is that energy that radiates from an Alchemy original. That is why you will see on our labels & tags “made in India with love".


*We guarantee that no person under the age of 18 is involved in the production of our products.

*We pay fair, living wage to all our tailors, pattern makers, cutters and finishers, often more than double what other companies pay in the same market.

*We pre-pay at least 50% in advance so our producers do not have to go into debt buying materials.

*We ensure our workers bright, safe work environments, regular hours, breaks and holidays.

*We visit our supplier annually, and together we review all wages and prices. We are always looking for more ethical, sustainable and earth friendly-ways to produce our fashions.


My Flying Heart Collection is made in a small, clean, modern factory just outside of Delhi. Factory owner, Sandeep, is very eco-conscious and detail oriented, and he works exclusively with organic cotton labels. Our entire organic textiles supply chain has been inspected and certified by GOTS (“Global Organic Textile Standard”) to uphold the highest environmental and fair labour standards. Our Organic Cotton Fabric is sourced from GOTS Certified Organic farms in South India. It is super-soft, pre-shrunk, colourfast and machine washable. We use only non-toxic, water-based dyes. 


Alchemy donates annually to several charities and environmental groups both in Canada and worldwide, including:

The Pure Art Foundation: long time Alchemy customer, Brigitte McKinnon and her husband Robert have created a "hub of Hope," providing healthcare, education, shelter, vocational training, and so much more to the slums of Pulcallpa, Peru.

Fior di Loto Foundation:  Alchemy sponsors a girl, Aruna Singh, to attend this a school for under-privileged girls in Rajasthan, India. She receives an education, lunches, transportation, school supplies and clothing. Soon we will be sponsoring her to go to college, as she wants to become a teacher. The Fior di Loto Foundation also builds wells and houses, and provides pensions, food and vocational training to those in need. I am very inspired by the love and dedication of founder Mara and manager Deepu.

Navdanya: advocates bio-diversity, seed saving & organic farming

Apne Aap: a grassroots movement working to end sex trafficking

The Wilderness

The Sunshine Coast Conservation

The David Suzuki