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As with many small businesses around the world, things are much quieter than normal in the Alchemy warehouse. However, my big Spring/Summer 2020 sea shipment will be arriving very soon. This new Collection has been my creative endeavour since last September, so it will be wonderful to finally have it here! Unfortunately, all of the stores that carry Alchemy are currently closed. I hope that we can work together to bridge the current crisis, and keep our businesses afloat. Perhaps some of them will carry my clothing on their own websites in the near future. Like many of my friends, I am being thrifty right now, prioritizing health and food, trying to make good choices, and support small Canadian businesses that care about people and the environment. 

It has been a snowball effect for us. The retail stores that carry our clothes have all closed. Our tailors in India are not longer getting orders, and workshops are closed. And we are in the middle, with new stock about to arrive and stay put for an unknown amount of time. So what better time to make the website AWESOME and reach out to all of you!

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